Cape York Australia Travel Guide

An Insider Guide to One of Australia's Last Frontiers

This Cape York Australia Travel Guide is based on real first hand experiences written by a local - not a tourism organisation or a travel agency.

It means I don't only write about places - I have made this website to help you with planning your own great adventure trip.

It also means I won't only cover the obvious tourism attractions, but also the spots that you don't hear about elsewhere.

   4wd tracks
    Driving with views - Old Coach Road. 

I cover the most popular activities such as fishing, bush camping, driving the Old Telegraph Track .. and not only that, I tell you about the best spots and tracks where to fish, camp and four wheel drive

   great fishing
    Fishing in Mapoon, north of Weipa.

I also tell you about the history, geology and wildlife of the region, and where you can see the unique plants, birds and animals that the peninsula only shares with Papua New Guinea - and not the rest of Australia.

   dangerous animals
    A deadly saltwater crocodile, near Crab Island.

You will also find the practical information about planning your trip, what things are good to know and what can be dangerous.

   big birds
    Brolgas, Jardine River.

It is like going for a trip with a local. Ready for a quick look?

Cairns is south of the peninsula, but because any traveller to the peninsula is most likely to spend some time in Cairns, I have covered the city.

   impressive geology
   Less famous, nicknamed "Queensland's Uluru".

* Inland from Cairns are
Kuranda, Mareeba, Dimbulah, Hodgkinson River Goldfields, Almaden, Chillagoe, and the Burke Developmental Road that takes you to Karumba and Normanton.

* Along the coastal way north of Cairns are the northern beaches, Port Douglas, Mossman, Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Bloomfield Road, Cooktown, and Lakefield, Starcke and Cape Melville National Parks.

  four wheel driving
   Driving the Starcke Wakooka Track to Cape Melville.

* And along the inland way north  - the Peninsula Developmental Road aka PDR - are Mt Molloy, Mt Carbine, Palmer River Goldfields, Lakeland, Laura and Musgrave.

* Further north are Princess Charlotte Bay, Coen, Oyala Thumotang, Archer River, Iron Range National Park and Weipa.

   northernmost point of australia
    Northernmost point of mainland Australia (behind are just two small islands).

* And furthest north are the Northern Peninsula Area and Tip of Cape York and the northernmost point of mainland Australia.

* Off the coast are the beautiful Torres Strait Islands, amongst some very blue waters on a sunny day.

   torres strait islands
    Horn Island, Torres Strait.

But these are only some of the most obvious places.

There are countless great beaches, waterfalls, swimming holes and camping spots that most people don't know about.

(NB! For ALL the pages on this website, see the 'Site Map' higher up in the left hand navigation bar, or in the bottom of each page.)

   peninsula swimming holes
    Fruit Bat Falls - a great swimming hole (not a secret).

These are all covered on this Cape York website, and the ones that are not, will be over the time as I continue working on this site in more and more detail :-)

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