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about us

My name is Kat
(actually Katrin - a common spelling in Europe, but not so common in Australia).

I started this website in 2009.
I had been getting around the peninsula (and still am - by now I have spent the best part of 10 years to do every single track and then do them all again) - I love it so much that I thought I may as well share my passion with you.

I am originally from northern Europe (Estonia and Sweden to cut the story short), and
I always thought our climate was way too cold, so I did a lot of travelling, and finally settled in the warm and friendly Australia about 15 years ago

After the first two years in Sydney (and doing the Big Lap around Australia), I moved to far north Queensland - where the climate is even warmer, the people are even friendlier, and there is even more wilderness and remoteness, which I love :-)

mark o'hagan

Me and my partner Mark live on the 
Tip of Cape York peninsula (I previously also lived in Cooktown), only about 35km from the famous sign, and in the midst of a paradise for boating, quading and four wheel driving :-)

His work is recovering vehicles in northern Cape York, and before living here he did the same (and spent most of his life) in the Northern Territory.
cape york dog

He is not involved in writing this website, but he loves to go for a four wheel drive, and he is always happy to help me to answer the bloke questions :-)

We now also have two puppies who love the drives, and they are with us on most of our adventures.

Writing, editing and maintaining this website as well as the Destination Guide is my full time occupation. It means I take the time to do proper, mostly first hand research, to keep the book and the website updated.

Planning trips was always my passion, so I enjoy every minute of it, and I do my best to help you to plan yours:

Plan Your Trip... the FREE Cape York Travel Pocket Guide

cape york travel

Get this 50 pages guide totally for FREE. It contains information that helps you getting started with planning of your trip. You get to make early-stages desicions such as when to go, how long time you should take, how to get there and get around, where to stay (general info), what will it cost.. and a short insight to what is there to see and do in Cape York.

Bring to the Trip... the full Visit Cape York Destination Guide

visit cape york

This comprehensive 300 pages travel guide is all you need before and during your trip. It has information on the peninsula's history and wildlife, climate, dangerous things and other things you should know ( availability, fuelbanking facilities, quarantine requirements, Aboriginal land entry permits and alcohol restrictions..); detailed information on places to see and things to do as well as accommodation and FREE camping spots that will save you the money you paid for this book at least tenfold ;-).

If you liked the books or this website, let others know about it! 

Link to it from your website, your blog, your forum post... Share it on Facebook, Tweet about it...

Every link helps other travellers!

Thank you for doing the right thing and letting others know :-)

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