Bamaga Australia 

Bamaga is the largest township north of Jardine River.

As opposed to the neighbouring Injinoo and Umagico, it is not an Aboriginal, but a Torres Strait Islander community.

Like all the communities up here - there is not much especially for travellers.

But I don't think there has to be.

Just stopping and spending some time in the mainland Australia's largest Islander community is interesting enough. 

Town entrance from north. ©

Most travellers stop here for practical reasons.

Being the largest town in the area, it has the most facilities, including a medical centre, a police station, a post office, a supermarket, a tourist information centre and the area's only pub and bottle shop.

Main street. ©

Things to See and Do

While there are no touristic things, there are three Second World War airplane wrecks on the way to Jackey Jackey Airport.

The whole area was a military zone during the last world war, and there are a few interesting relics around.

wwii relics
Second World War airplane wreck. ©

More Information

resort bamaga

There are not many resorts north of Jardine River - the only other one is in Punsand Bay. Resort Bamaga is a four star one, and while it is not overly luxury, it is one of the best places to stay in Northern Peninsula Area.  

bamaga camps

The more common form of accommodation up here is camping. While there are no camping grounds exactly in the town, there are camping grounds in the neighbouring communities Umagico, Seisia,
Punsand Bay and Loyalty Beach.

seisia tours

Most tours depart from Seisia, and most are boat tours - some are fishing trips, others are trips to Torres Strait Islands, such as Horn, Thursday, Possession and Friday Islands, including the Friday Island Pearl Farm.


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