Cape York Tours 

There are a few different kinds of Cape York tours.

But is it a good idea to take one?

A Cape York trip is so much more fun when you can do the four wheel driving yourself.

You can stop and stay where you want and go in on your own pace.

Even planning your own Cape York trip adds to the fun.

But if you still decide for a tour, I am sure you have your reasons.

What Cape York Tours Are There?

oz tours

motorbike tours

cape york helicopters

tagalong tours

cape york tours

cooktown tours

boat tours

Firstly, there are two main kinds of tours:

* the ones that start in Cairns (or elsewhere outside the peninsula), and take you there, and do the whole Cape York trip for you; and

* the ones that start in places like, Daintree, Cooktown, Weipa, Tip of Cape York or Thursday Island, and take you around in the local area.

Then there are different ways to do the tour:

* You can take a bus tour, which takes you from Cairns all the way to the
Tip, and the bus is 4WD so you get to be driven through creeks on some exciting four wheel drive tracks.

* You can take a bus tour in different places like Cape Tribulation, Cooktown, Weipa, Tip of Cape York. Most are four wheel drive buses, but in some places, for example Cooktown, you can also get a two wheel drive tour of the town.

These are the most common kinds of tours.

Then there are:

* Motorbike tours - they mostly start in Cairns and take you all the way to the

* Light plane and helicopter flights - there are both kinds - the ones that start from Cairns and fly you all the way to the Tip and Torres Strait Islands; and the ones that you can jump on in places like Seisia, Punsand Bay and Loyalty Beach.

* Boat tours - all local ones, and start in many different places including Cooktown, Weipa, Aurukun, the Tip of Cape York and Torres Strait Islands. Some are wildlife watching tours, most are fishing (coastal/river fishing trips include wildlife and croc watch anyway).

* Ships/cruises - these start in Cairns and take you to places like the Tip of Cape York and Torres Strait Islands.

All the above Cape York tours of course are the kind where you just jump in their vehicle / bus / motorbike, helicopter etc.

cape york tours

Tagalong Tours

But there is one more kind - the tagalong tours.

These are for people who want to do the four wheel drives themselves in their own vehicle, but don't like to go alone.

tag along tours

These mostly start in Cairns, and do the whole trip with you (all are listed in the
Destination Guide).

Cape York Tours - Pick Your Choice

Below are some Cape York tours, but mostly in southern Cape York.

The northern ones, and all the ones mentioned above, are in the Destination Guide along with fully detailed information with prices and contact details of each company.
cairns tours

Tours from Cairns
Most tours from Cairns go to the Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy and Green Island, sailing, scuba diving and  white water rafting. There are also adventure sports, scenic flights, and 4WD
tours to Cape York.

port douglas tours

Tours from Port Douglas
Much like Cairns, most Port Douglas tours are about water activities such as Low Isles, outer reef, sailing and fishing. There are also flights and other adventures, as well as trips to Daintree rainforests

cape tribulation tour

Cape Tribulation Tours
Cape Tribulation has a lot of different tours, mainly to the world famous Daintree rainforests. There are 4WD tours, guided walking tours, horse riding, white water rafting etc.

tours cooktown

Cooktown Tours
Cooktown has guided town tours, as well as 4WD tours to national parks,
the outback and the rainforests outside the town; and some boat tours - mainly fishing and croc watching. 

great barrier reef tours

Great Barrier Reef Trips
The best places to take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef are Cairns and Port Douglas, although a reef charter can also be organised in Cooktown


Plan Your Trip... the FREE Cape York Travel Pocket Guide

cape york travel

Get this 50 pages guide totally for FREE. It contains information that helps you getting started with planning of your trip. You get to make early-stages desicions such as when to go, how long time you should take, how to get there and get around, where to stay (general info), what will it cost.. and a short insight to what is there to see and do in Cape York.

Bring to the Trip... the full Destination Cape York Travel Guide

visit cape york

This comprehensive 300 pages travel guide is all you need before and during your trip. It has information on the peninsula's history and wildlife, climate, dangerous things and other things you should know (fuel availability, banking facilities, quarantine requirements, Aboriginal land entry permits and alcohol restrictions..); detailed information on places to see and things to do as well as accommodation and FREE camping spots that will save you the money you paid for this book at least tenfold ;-).

NEW - Destination Kimberley and Destination Top End Travel Guide

destination top end
destination kimberley

Also planning to go to the Kimberley and the Top End of Northern Territory? 

Get the Destination Kimberley and the Destination Top End written by Birgit Bradtke. 

They are written and work exactly in the same way as my guide books.

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