Gunshot Creek Crossing

Gunshot creek crossing is the most famous creek crossing on the Old Telegraph Track.

For many people, the famous Gunshot Creek crossing is the absolute highlight of their whole Cape York trip.

While people like to hang their memorabilia in trees in many remote places on the Peninsula, nowhere else can you tell that the excitement levels have been this high up. 

 What Is So Special about the Gunshot Creek Crossing

It isn't easy to find a moment to have this creek crossing for yourself - there is always someone who is just sitting here waiting for others to come down to clap their hands and take photos.

   gunshot crossing
    Doing the Gunshot Creek crossing 2010. ©

It really is an exciting place, and when done properly, it is indeed something that puts your adrenaline levels right up.

"Doing it properly" means going down at one of the steep drops, the most right-hand track (right-hand when you are on the top and left-hand once you're down and look back to it - the dark-mud one) is nowadays the more usual one.

   gunshot creek
    Gunshot Creek crossing 2012. ©

UPDATE It changes too, in 2014 the dark mud drop looked like this:

Gunshot crossing 2014. ©

The easy alternative is to do the so-called "Slingshot", which means driving left along the creek a bit, until you come to the easiest slope and do it from there.

Walk down and have a look first - don't let the steepest crossing turn you off if you know yourself and your vehicle.

    gunshot slingshot
     People going up the so called 'cheat track', aka Slingshot. ©

Hey, I have done it (and yes, Rob did get my wheels right!)While it is really exciting to do it and can easily be the highlight of the whole trip, make sure you know yourself and your vehicle before you decide to do it! Once you start dropping you're going down and there is no way back :-)

    i did gunshot gunshot creek bank
     Me after doing Gunshot; and the bank from above. ©

Also have someone to guide you to make sure you get your wheels right. Because when you are up there, you cannot see anything down where you are going.

    gunshot cape york
     Oka Paul getting my wheels right, in the older days. ©

At wetter times it can also be easy to get bogged once you have come down it, so it can be a good idea to make sure you have another vehicle there to pull you out, unless you have a winch. When we were there in 2011, Dave and Justine from Toowoomba came along and did it just because we were there to pull them out. They were right - they did get bogged because it had been raining a fair bit.

    gunshot creek cape york
     Dave and Justine from Toowoomba, 2011. ©

There is heaps of memorabilia on the northern bank of the creek, so you may want to bring an old thong or T-shirt or whatever
, if you want to hang your name up there (that's of course only exciting if you did the real Gunshot).

   gunshot crossing cape york
    Memorabilia in 2015.

Gunshot Crossing Videos

Below are a few videos by other people...

Doing the "dark-mud" drop..

That's how simple it is if you do it right.

Doing the middle drop

I so much agree with the author, who says, "cameras never justify it"...

Doing the so-called Sling Shot:

And finally, a goodie:

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